Instant How-to Stories

What is Tick?

Micro-video platform that allows you to create stories in minutes and learn in seconds


Step-by-step how-to stories the moment you need! Learn any task instantly, one step at a time


Capture and edit how-to stories on the go, directly in the app. No more hour long editing. Share knowledge as easily as sharing about your life on social media platforms!


Share stories with a link so others can learn from you without the app. They can even be found on search engines like Google.

Why Tick?

The internet is too ...
Cats, clickbait and salaciousness... How are we supposed to focus on what matters?
Long videos, endless blogs, incessant advertising. Where are the quick answers to simple questions?
‘Hey Guys’... Why do we need someone’s life story before finding what we need?

What makes us Tick?

Some of the favourite stories from our community
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