What to do if your baby is choking

by Andrea

As you start weaning your baby, small items of food might get lodged in their throat & they may choke.

If a baby under 1 is choking, they will be unable to cry, cough or breathe.

Back blows: Lay your baby face down on your thigh.

Administer back blows directly between the shoulder blades using the heel of your hand.

Give up to 5 sharp back blows, making sure after each one, whatever it is hasn’t come out.

If the back blows don’t work, we need to administer some chest thrusts.

Turn them over so that they’re facing up - make sure their head & neck are still supported.

Put 2 fingers in line with the armpit, in the centre of the chest.

Push down sharply, administering up to 5 chest thrusts.

If this doesn’t work, call 999 or 112 for emergency help.

Repeat 5 back blows & 5 chest thrusts until help comes.

If they become unresponsive, start CPR.

So remember, if your baby is choking, check the mouth, slap it out, squeeze it out.