V60 pour over coffee for one

by cedric

V60 pour over coffee for one

boil some water

We need to measure 15g of coffee. First place grinder on scale with lid off, and set scale to 0

put 15g of coffee in

grind them!

with mug and dripper on the scale, fold and press the filter paper so it sits nicely in the dripper

pour all coffee in

We need to eventually use 210g of water. First set scale to 0.

pour boiled water (ideal temperature 90 -95 deg) into pourer

wet the coffee with roughly 30-40g of water

wait for 30-40 sec to let it breathe

then continue with the main pour, using circular motion starting in the center working outwards

slowly pour more water, trying to keep water level relatively stable

210g of water in total

enjoy the real taste of coffee