UK coastal walk from Seaford to Eastbourne through Seven Sisters

by cedric

It’s a ~21km route, with almost continuous uphill and downhills. These are some major checkpoints along the way

Checkpoint 1: Start from the seaside at Seaford. You will hike up that hill.

which brings you to the Seaford Head area

Walk along, and you will see this beautiful sight overlooking the Seven Sisters

Approaching Cuckmere River

Checkpoint 2: unfortunately it’s cut off by the river, and you will need to make a 1.7k detour inland

it’s a nice change of scenery tho 🌱🍃

Checkpoint 3: you will need to cross this bridge and walk back to the coast on the other side of the river

Checkpoint 4: back to the coast on the other side of the river

Now time to continue the hike. This is the start of the Seven Sisters

Mid-point is Brass Point

It’s amazing nature. Take some time to stop and relax and appreciate! 😎

Checkpoint 6: past Seven Sisters, there’s this point with car access. You find food and toilets...

...and a lot of tourists

Before the descend, this is the last restaurant option

Checkpoint 7: There are two ways to descend. Take the right side if you want seaside views over Eastbourne

Here finally arriving Eastbourne!