UK Arrival Day 2 & 8 covid self test - Project Screen Prenetics

by cedric

The UK Arrival Day 2 Day 8 covid self test kit from Project Screen (Prenetics) -

This is what you get in the kit. Request Form, swab, tube, specimen bag, and a return mailer bag.

First need to activate the kit. Scan QR code on the box or just visit their web site.

Once activated, you’ll be asked to write this user ID and date on the Request Form ✍🏻

So fill in the ID and date ✍🏻

The page then shows you instructions. Would be better if I knew ahead of time I can’t eat/drink 30min before..... 🙄⏱

Well that gives me time to read the instructions first... and Google what these are... 😵

There. So basically make sure the swab makes good contact with the whole back part of your mouth 👅

Alright let’s start. First wash your hands thoroughly! You know it by now... at least 20 seconds! ⏱

Carefully take out swab, and make sure the soft tip doesn’t touch anything!

Now do the mouth part. Make sure swab makes good contact with key areas at the back of your mouth, as in diagram.

Now do nose. 👃Swab in, don’t need to force. Rotate 5 times, leave in for 5-10 sec. Then do the same to other nostril

Open tube, put swab in, and make sure swab tip is covered by liquid. Break top part of swab at mark and discard.

Place tube with tightly screwed lid into the specimen bag, and seal it tight.

Put the sealed specimen bag and the Request Form back into the box 📦

Finally, put the box in the Royal Mail Tracked 24 return mailer bag.

Apparently, you have to walk out to the nearest priority postbox! Surprise! (Isn’t it quarantine? 🤔)

Check where the nearest priority postbox is from the Royal Mail web site.

Drop the package. Enjoy the brief moment you’re allowed in the real world! 🍀