Things to enjoy in Egypt

by cedric

Egypt - a place full of culture and history, dating back to 5000-6000 BC. Never short of fascination

Pyramid of Djoser - the first pyramid of Egypt, a rare step pyramid, also tomb of King Djoser. Dates back to c. 2600BC

Admire the oldest form of literature. Maybe you can make sense out of some of these!

Explore the insides of pyramids. They often enclose royal tombs of ancient kings and queens, with complex passages.

inside another one

Pyramid of Khafre, one of 3 pyramids of Giza, tomb of king Khafre.

Great Sphinx of Gaza in front

Enjoy some casual local food whenever you can

Hire a car and driver like this for a trip to the White Desert. This is one of the most amazing experiences in life.

Ride itself is interesting

You might pass by one of these random small water pools where water is constantly pumped in. A real treat at 42 deg

You will pass by the Black Desert, an area with black volcanic hills and dolerite deposits

Then you will enter the White Desert, full of these very interesting natural formations.

These chalk rock formations are results of erosions and occasional sandstorms in the area.

What do you think this is?

This is the famous chicken and mushroom

Nature is pretty amazing huh?

Now the driver will set up an open tent for dinner and for camping overnight

It’s an amazing feeling waking up in the middle of the desert

Next on the list, climb the Mount Sinai

You might start the hike around 2am, and get to the top around 4am to wait for sunrise.

It’s well worth the wait

Beautiful landscape

After the hard work, time to enjoy some local food 😋

Spend a couple of days in Cairo

Visit one of these mosques (this one is Al-Asher Mosque). It feels incredibly peaceful inside.

Enjoy the view of Cairo from above

Take a deep breath

Chat with the locals to hear their stories

Kofta dish in a local restaurant

Check out and support these street stores

Local beer is probably not a must, but is still refreshing

You will probably see these hard-working donkeys around

Not looking happy 😢

If you are good at endurance, take these buses to get from the north to Luxor. No air con, 4x degrees, 8-10 hours

Hatshepsut Temple - Hapshepsut was a female pharaoh around 1500BC.

Luxor Temple - constructed c. 1400 BC.

Karnak Temple nearby. About 30 pharaohs contributed to the construction, resulting in unmet size and complexity

Stone engravings in the temples are like puzzles, revealing information about lives of the time, lives of the pharaohs

Egypt - definitely a place to return to!