The hidden arrow in the Fedex logo: 7 secrets you can't unsee 🤯

by KnowWow

There's a hidden arrow in the Fedex logo - look at the space between the second E and the X. 🤯

The smiley arrow in the Amazon logo goes from A to Z - signifying the online store stocks everything from A to Z.

The Toblerone logo may resemble a mountain, but look closer - there's the shape of a bear hidden in there too.

The French cycle race logo appears to have a yellow sun at the end, but along with the 'our' forms a bike & rider.

LG - or Lucky Goldstar - incorporates its initials into the winking face of its logo.

French hypermarket Carrefour - which means crossroads - has a letter C between the two arrows in its logo.

Network firm Cisco takes not just its name from San Francisco, but also its logo which resembles the Golden Gate Bridge.