The Basics of Recycling

by Kim

You can recycle CLEAN cardboard pizza boxes only look for symbol. Bin the oily food liner first.

Plastic bottles.Take off labels, rinse out, crush, put a lid on it.

Plastic containers or pots, no plastic wrapping. Rinse out first.

Not shredded paper, councils hate it. No wrapping paper unless has symbol.

Rinse out glass jars and bottles. Do not smash as hazardous to workers.

Bottle and Jar lids can be recycled. Just wash first and leave separate from it’s container

Only recyclable aluminium food cans/tins and CLEAN foil trays. Rinse out first and remove labels. No scrap metal.

Aerosol cans can usually be recycled, please check for symbol and make sure it’s completely empty

No Clingfilm

No Plastic Bags

No polystyrene. All types.

Happy Recycling