Tech Predictions 2019 from top UK journalists via @brands2life

by Jess

Top UK tech journalists give tech projections for 2019 to @brands2life audience.

Autonomous vehicles not as close as they think. Multitude of safety/ ethical issues still @ruskin147

Trend towards less invasive, less obvious tech e.g. Beautiful wooden smart device control panel at CES @ruskin147

More robots for robots sake. User cases still struggling. robot dogs unlikely to replace real soon! @ruskin147

Health tech getting hotter. But online consultation model struggling (low barriers, over valued, tax payer funded) @parmy

Health tech growth expected in remote patient monitoring. Increased AI (eg CT scans) @parmy

If you want to know what tech we will use tomorrow, look at what people with disabilities are using today @parmy

Expect to see more big tech push into healthcare e.g. Google wants your medical records (but likely push back!) @parmy

Computer vision has a long way to go. Subjectivity around what data should be revealed (race, mood?) & who owns @parmy

Chatbots starting to work better; will be used increasingly by co's with subscription / harder-to-leave products @parmy

WhatsApp will start showing ads this year... Shouldn't affect them too negatively. @parmy

Snapchat likely to be bought (Amazon? Unlikely to be Google) @parmy

Facebook cont. to struggle but senior heads unlikely to roll unless share price falls <$1 @parmy

We'll find more people moving away from social media and it's unhealthy ramifications... @parmy

Sleep optimisation tech getting hotter @aliya_ram

Hackers are getting more sophisticated (and will get more so!) @geoffwhite247

'Activist short selling' now a thing. Hackers can win big. Journalists need to check source/motivations @geoffwhite247

Likely to see backlash vs influencers. YouTube got away too long without qu being asked of how they curate content @ruskin147

Continued backlash expected around screen time. Will exert more pressure on tech co's @ruskin147

Growth of concern/ interest around competition in tech. External regulators will up their game @aliya_ram

With thanks to all the panelists and @brands2life for hosting such a fantastic event