Simple tweaks to edit your iPhone photos for social media

by Will Head

Tweaking your photos before posting to social media can really help them stand out

The best place to start is auto adjustment - open a photo, click Edit top right, then hit the magic wand icon

To see a before and after view, tap the image once - it will show you the original before you applied any edits

If you don't like the auto adjustment, simply hit Cancel bottom left, then Discard Changes

To make manual adjustments, press the dial icon, third along at the bottom and then choose Light

Move the slider from side to side until you get the overall look you want

You can tap the screen to see the before and after again

Tap the three line menu button on the right and you can drill down further to adjust individual controls, like Exposure

Hit Colour next to change the overall colour of a photo

Slide left and right to increase or decrease the effect

Again you can drill down into individual controls, like Contrast here, to get the look you want

To change the framing, hit the first bottom icon - it will try to straighten the photo but won't always get it right

Change the aspect ratio - like square for Instagram - by tapping the boxes icon on the right

When you're happy with all your edits, press Done to save changes then post to social media

Will Head