Seven Minute Quesadillas: toasted cheese, avocado & chili wraps

by 30SecondChef

Pre-heat a clean, dry frying pan on a low heat.

Carefully slice an avocado lengthways, then twist to separate the two halves.

Gently cut into the stone, then twist to remove.

Score the avocado horizontally and vertically, then spoon out the insides.

Slice a small amount of onion into strips and separate into strands.

Roughly chop a small tomato.

Add fresh chilies to taste. TIP: these can be frozen, and only need a couple of minutes to thaw before chopping.

Roughly chop and mix ingredients, season with salt and pepper.

Add a thin layer grated cheese to the middle of a wrap, leaving the sides clear.

Add the chopped ingredients on top, followed by another layer of grated cheese.

Fold the furthest side to the middle, then pinch one end and fold in.

Repeat with the other end, then fold over the nearest side. Turn over to secure.

Place open side down into the dry pan, turn after a couple of minutes.

Turn regularly. When the sides feel slightly squishy, the cheese has melted and it's ready.

Remove from pan and slice down the middle. The folded ends prevent the filling falling out while eating.