Samsung delays Galaxy Fold after reports of damaged displays

by KnowWow

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold phone, which features a folding display, in February and it was due to launch 26 April

Last week on Twitter many tech reviewers revealed that they'd had problems with the display on their review units

Dieter Bohn, Executive Editor, The Verge, tweeted that a bulge appeared under the display, which eventually broke

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, tweeted a series of images showing black spreading across the display over two days

Gurman said he removed a clear layer that looked like a screen protector, but Samsung said it shouldn't be removed

Marques Brownlee, YouTube reviewer with 8.5m subs, tweeted that his unit broke when he tried to remove this layer

Joanna Stern at The Wall Street Journal also tweeted that this protective layer had started to come away on her unit

Steve Kovach, Tech editor at, posted a video showing the left side of the display glitching after just a day