Lighting hacks: simple tweaks to make your Tick look better 🔥

by Will Head

Lighting can make a huge difference in how your Tick looks 🤩

Here, the light from the left is too bright so you can't see the detail - closing the blind fully helps

The shadows aren't as harsh now, but half covering the window on the right makes the lighting more even

Screens can be particularly tricky to film as they're so reflective 😎

One way to solve this is to reduce the amount of light in the room further, then also turn down the screen brightness ☀️

If you're still having problems with reflections on dark screens, placing a light behind and out of shot can help

With the right screen brightness, you should be able to see everything onscreen clearly 👌

If you don't have a light to hand, then the flashlight on another phone will do the trick!

Will Head