Ironing a shirt properly (detailed)

by cedric

Ironing a shirt properly

Start with the collar. Unfold and lay flat on an ironing board.

Spray water on to the area before you iron (always do this)

Iron one side

Flip over to the other side

Iron back side

Now flip over and fold collar

Iron with collar folded

Move on to the right front of shirt (can make a habit of starting on right side so you remember you already ironed)

Start with the placket. Important and very visible.

Then the rest of the right front

Shoulders are often problem areas. Make use of the tip of the ironing board to detail the area.

Now move on to the left front

And do the same as the right. Get the placket right first.

do the remaining

Move up to work on the back of shirt

Start on the side

Work your way up to the other side

the other side

The top is often problematic. Use the tip of ironing board for that

Now move on to the right sleeve

work your way through

flip over to the back

work through the back

work on the inside of cuff

final touch on cuff

Now do the same for the left sleeve

Done! Ready for party (or wardrobe)