Intermediate Yoga exercises for Spine Health 🧘‍♂️

by Yoga Self-Practice

Supine Twist: Lying on your back, reach your arms out like a T, palms facing up

Pick your feet up off the floor so that your heels are still in line with your sit bones

Draw the lower belly in. With control, let your knees fall over to one side (knees may/may not touch the floor)

Make sure your naval is pulled in, protecting your lower back

To come out, engage the core, float the knees back to centre. Change – place the feet down on the floor

Warrior 1: Start from mountain position, step in with left foot, right knee tracking over the 2nd & 3rd toe

Reach arms up over head, hands in flexion, shoulders down and back

Eyes forward – think of stretching the left hip. Build strength into front leg, pushing the feet into the floor

Use mountain as a transition posture to make your way to the other side

Yoga Self-Practice