Intermediate Yoga exercises for improved hip mobility πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

by Yoga Self-Practice

The Shrub 🌳: Start in mountain position with a micro-bend in both knees

Pick up your right heel & place it on the teardrop shape where the muscle meets the bone of the knee

Keep the right foot in flexion, protecting the knee

Reach your arms out to shoulder height, thumbs facing up towards the ceiling. Sit down

Keep the spine long – do not curve the back in

To come out, push into left foot, pick up right leg, step back into mountain & do the other side

Child’s Pose πŸ§’: Big toes together, knees about 3 feet apart

Reach arms forward, keeping a micro-bend into the elbows. Reach your hips towards your heels

Keep the forehead onto the floor. Tract through the spine & open through the hips

Rock the forehead from side to side & take deep breaths

Yoga Self-Practice