How wall plugs work on hollow walls like plasterboard / drywall

by DoItYourShelf

You need special wall plugs for plasterboard or drywall because the space behind is hollow

There are two parts - the expanding plug, which grips to the wall, and the bolt

The packet will tell you which size drill bit to use

Drill a hole the right size

Remove the bolt from the plug - be careful of the sharp spikes under the top edge!

Insert the plug into the hole, and hammer the spikes into the board so they grip

Screw in the bolt until it's flush with the end of the plug

Push hard to prevent the plug spinning, and tighten the bolt further until you feel slight resistance

Here's what's happening on the other side of the wall (you wouldn't normally be able to see this)

The sides of the plug expand when the bolt is turned, creating a solid point to screw into

Once the plug has expanded, remove the bolt and use it to fix the item to the wall