How to wire a plug - UK mains 3-pin

by DoItYourShelf

Unscrew the main screw in the middle of the plug and open up the two halves.

The two other screws are for the cord clamp, remove one and unscrew the other until the clamp can be moved to one side.

Measure the distance from the top of the plug on the cord, then with a sharp knife lightly score carefully all around.

Bend the cable, and gently rescore, being careful not to damage the wires inside. Repeat a few times.

You'll see the wires underneath, continue to cut gently next to the gap - ensuring you don't cut the wires.

Eventually the outer layer will come free. Double check none of the wires have been damaged - if they have, start again.

Ensuring the white section is under the cord grip, measure the brown live wire to the fused pin on the right and cut.

The green and yellow earth wire goes to the top pin, measure and cut as before.

The blue neutral wire goes to the bottom left pin. Measure it and cut again.

Adjust the wire strippers to the right size (go larger if unsure) and remove about 5mm of the covering.

Twist the ends of each wire. When done, brown should be the shortest, green/yellow the longest.

Push the live pin up slightly to make it easier, push the brown cable into the terminal and tighten the screw.

Repeat for the blue neutral wire, ensuring the cable lies flat and isn't obstructing anything.

Push up the earth pin, feed in the green and yellow wire, then tighten down the terminal.

Place the cord clamp over the cable, ensuring you can see the white outer cover on both sides.

Tighten the cord clamp evenly on both sides.

Double check all screws are tight.

Check the cord clamp is holding the cable securely, then put the cover on and screw tight.