How to wash your clothes on-the-go (eco friendly!) 🧼🌎

by Me living plastic free

Washing your clothes on-the-go can be both easy & eco! πŸŒŽβ™»οΈ

EcoEgg: Reusable replacement for washing detergent (210-720 washes) 🧼

The Scrubba: A portable washer! πŸ’¦

Easy to use: Add water, cleaning liquid (or ecoegg) & clothes to the Scrubba πŸ‘• πŸ‘š

Roll & clip. Deflate by twisting the valve & pressing down to expel excess air. 🌬

Press down & rub clothes against the Scrubba wash bag’s washboard for 30s - 3mins for machine quality wash.

Unclip & remove dirty water, filling it again to rinse. When you’re done, air dry your clothes.

Me living plastic free