How to use your ecoegg 🐣

by Andrea

Your eco egg will come in a box containing the egg, instructions & pellets. πŸ₯š

It’ll consist of multiple mineral pellet packets & 1 tourmaline ceramic pellet packet.

To open, press the button in the centre down & twist.

Empty 3 packs of the white pellet into the larger half of the egg.

& 1 packet of the dark pellets.

Using the arrows on the egg, alight & twist in the opposite direction to close.

About every 72 washes, the white pellets will need topping up. The dark ones will last all 720 washes.

Place your eco egg on top of your laundry, inside the washer. (make sure it’s not too full!)

Wash as per normal, not going over 60Β°C