How to upgrade a mains socket to include USB

by DoItYourShelf

Before you start, plug in a light & switch on. Turn off the power supply at the consumer unit - the light should go off

IMPORTANT: double check the power is off by turning the switch on & off and checking the light doesn’t come on.

Unscrew the screws holding the socket in place.

If the socket has been painted & won’t move, score the edge with a sharp knife then prise with a screwdriver.

Carefully pull out the socket.

Unscrew the terminals & remove the wires to release the old socket.

The terminals are labelled green/yellow for earth, brown for live & blue for neutral. Match up the colours of the wires

On older sockets, you may find green for earth, red for live & black for neutral.

Place the wires in the correct terminals (green/yellow: earth, brown/red: live, blue/black: neutral)

Check the wires are secure.

Carefully push the wires back behind the socket.

Re-attach the socket with screws, ensuring you tighten each side evenly.

Restore the power at the consumer unit & check the new switch works.