How to tie a bow tie 🎩

by Franz Schrepf

Adjust length (right side longer than left) πŸŽ€

Funnel the shorter end through the back and pull it out

Lay the shorter end to rest on your shoulder πŸ’€ and fold other half in front of you, already looks a bit like a bow tie

Fold the part laying on your shoulder over the other half to create an elephant 🐘

Fold the 🐘 ears together and a small hole is created

Gently push middle part of the nose of the elephant through the πŸ•³ (enter from the double layered side of the bow)

It should look like this now! If it’s too short or loose then start again but pull everything tighter πŸ’ͺ

Gently tug and pull and the bow tie to adjust and make it look on fleas πŸ‘

Fold your collar down the sides and proceed with some final adjustments

The trick is to not make the bow tie look too perfect so people notice you tied it yourself and didn’t just clip it πŸ₯³

Franz Schrepf