How to setup a new Philips Hue smart bulb for phone control

by Will Head

Philips Hue bulbs replace your existing bulbs and let you control your lights from your smartphone

Screw the Hue bulb into the light fitting and switch it on

Open the Hue app, click the cog for Settings bottom right then hit Light setup

Press Add light top left, then Search and wait for the Hue system to detect your new smart bulb

Once detected, the bulb will show at the top of the app - tap the name to confirm and the bulb will blink

To rename your new bulb, press the i icon to the right, then enter a new name

Jump back to settings, hit Rooms & zones and select the room the new bulb is in, then add your new bulb to the room

You can now control the bulb from the Home screen - quickly turn it on or off, or adjust the brightness

For more advance control, click on a room then use the scene settings to get the lighting just right

Will Head