How to send quick photo postcards using Touchnote app

by Jess

Download and open the free Touchnote app (then check or buy credits)

To start a postcard simply tap ‘start’ and the simple editor tool opens your phone photo album to choose pics from

You can change the layout to add extra photos and message graphics and drag/ pinch to reposition images

(Add extra images as before)

Add any text you want to the front of the card

‘Next’ reverses the card for you to tap to add your longer message.

‘Done’ and then tap on right to add an address from your Touchnote address book (quick to add/edit)

You can even personalise the stamp!

‘Next’ to review/ edit postage date. ‘Okay’ and with one more tap... ‘Send’!

Voila! Glossy, personal postcard winging its way to your delighted friend within 24-48 hours!