How to make Vegan Shepard’s Pie!

by PlantFuture

Boil peeled white and sweet potato. Cover the pot with the lid

Smash boiled potato, adding salt and vegan butter

Heat up oil in a pan

When the oil is hot, add chopped garlic

Add rosemary, bay leaf and dried chilli

Add chopped carrots & red onion, mix.

Add chopped mushrooms & stir fry

Add salt and pepper, mix

Add red wine, let it reduce slightly

Add tomato purée, mix and let simmer

Add cooked Lentils

Add vegetable stock cube

Add water, mix.

Remove rosemary & bay leaf. Place a lid on the pan

Pour filling into an over safe bowl

Add the mashed potato on top & even it out

Grate vegan cheese evenly on top

Add pepper

Place on an oven rack & place in the oven