How to make soy wax melts

by PukScent

Prepare soy wax, 2 pots, candle fragrance, thermometer and dye chips if you want to make them in colour

Put wax into the melting pot

Pour boiling water into the bottom pot and place the melting pot on top

Turn your stove on

Enjoy how satisfying it is to melt. If you are adding colour- add it now

It is now about 80🌡C so let it cool

Wait to reach 60🌡C . Stir slowly to avoid unequal cooling and air bubbles

Add fragrance- 1gr per 10g of wax. Ask someone to slowly stir while you are adding scent to avoid wax hardening

Take the form you want to use and pour the wax in

Let it harden- it’s best to leave it overnight

Carefully take the wax melts out of the form

Put them on a shelf for at least a week to settle and melt them while relaxing in the evening or meditating