How to make Pom Poms 🧶

by dreascrafts

Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard. The longer the length, the bigger the Pom Pom ✂️

Cut out a gap down the center of the cardboard

Hold down the loose end of the ball of yarn to the cardboard & begin wrapping it around

Continue wrapping the yarn around the cardboard - the more rounds you go, the denser (& nicer!) the pom pom! 💞

When you’re happy with the amount of yarn, snip off the end still attached to the ball of yarn 🧶

Using the loose end of the yarn, push through the hole in the cardboard & come back up the other side

Tie a knot, pulling tightly at the ends (the tighter the better!)

Thread the end back through the gap in the cardboard again & flip over

Tie a knot again, pulling tightly & double the knot to secure it

Wriggle the yarn off of the cardboard

Put scissors through the loops on one side & cut through

Repeat on the other side, making sure you cut through every loop

Ruffle out the pom pom. You can stop here if you’re happy with this look 😄

Or, ur you want it more fuzzy 🐻, trim the pom pom, remembering to keep to its spherical shape

When you’re happy with how they look, you have yourself a lovely pom pom! 🥰