How to make florentines


Gather your ingredients: 55g butter, 55g caster sugar, 2tsp honey, 55g plain flour, 135g mixed peel & almonds, 85g choc

Gather your equipment: small pan, heatproof spoon, baking tray and parchment, scales

Preheat oven to 180oC

Add sugar to pan

Add butter and honey

Put on hob at low heat. Keep an eye on it in case it burns

Stir occasionally to combine

Prepare: 45g mixed peel and 45g almonds, the remaining 45g is your choice- I chose sesame seeds, apricots & orange zest

Stir as it melts

Add the flour to the same plate

It’s ready when melted and combined, it should be frothy at the surface

Add your dry ingredients and mix till combined

It will form a thick mixture

Spoon out onto baking parchment with two teaspoons, makes roughly 20 florentines so have two batches

Keep evenly spread out on the tray as they will flatten

Place in oven for 8 minutes

The edges will brown when they are done. If they are pale then bake for further 1 or 2 min otherwise they are soggy

Transfer to cooling rack

Melt the chocolate whilst they cool down

Place in microwave and stir frequently until smooth

Cover the edges in chocolate. Leave to set and enjoy!