How to make an origami swan out of printer paper!

by Noah

Cut this excess paper off to create a square

start folding the paper so there are 4 lines

Fold the corners to create 2 lines, and fold the edges to create 2 lines

you should now have 4 fold lines

fold one edge over to the other and pinch the sides like I did above☝🏼

Bring your hands together to create a smaller square

this is what the bottom should look like☝🏼

Now open up one of the flaps and fold in one of the sides half way. (After you will do the same with the other side)

Folding in the bottom sides first is usually easier

Fold the top sides into the middle and flatten down the paper. Should look like this☝🏼

Flip over and replicate what you did on the other side

Once again, lift up the flap and fold in the sides. (This May not be the cleanest of folds first time)

flatten down to match the backside

This is what you should have. The legs should be down near you.

fold in just the bottom side of each leg into the middle. Kind of like a paper airplane fold.

Flip over and repeat.

should look like this☝🏼

Now pinch together both sides to hide the fancy part. Front and back.

Now there should be two legs, fold them both up to the top and crease them.

Take one of the legs and fold it down a little bit to make the head.

Pinch both sides together to hide the head. Do the same with the tail on the back side.

While keeping the wings together, pull out the head and tail.

now spread the wings apart and voilà! You have your swan!

Adjust the wings and play around with the base to try standing it up!