How to make a garnished Mojito

by Franz Schrepf

Add four quarters of lime

Add five cocktail spoons (smaller than tea spoons!) of brown sugar

Apply pressure on the limes and then squeeze them by twisting the muddler, don‘t just stomp your limes!

Take 6 or 7 mint leaves and clap them in your hand to release their aroma. Give them a smell and see for yourself ;)

Hold your leaves in one hand and gentle press and twist the rim of the glass against them, one way around.

Only now add the mint leaves to your drink (otherwise the muddler will turn them into little bits and ruin the drink)

Hold your Bacardi bottle by the neck (for better control) and count to eight as quickly as you can while pouring

Add a bit of crushed ice, but NOT all the way to the top

Add soda water until the ice is covered

Stir your Mojito by gently lifting the sugar up from the bottom to the top

Add additional crushed ice until the entire glass is filled

Slap a mint twig against your hand to release additional aroma

Break off the stick of the mint twig, then add the mint leaf and a (paper!) straw to garnish your drink!


Franz Schrepf