How to Maintain Wavy/Curly Hair

by Andrea

Wavy hair tends to get quite messy, especially if you’ve dyed, bleached or permed it.

Use a tangle teaser to comb through you hair easily.

Brush through your hair until there are no more tangles – be gentle when you brush.

Wash your hair, making sure to shampoo and condition thoroughly. Use products that do not contain SLS.

Air dry your hair – heat damages your hair.

Use a curl cream or Argon/Coconut oil for regular maintenance. Use this when hair is semi-dry.

Put a small amount on your hands and comb it through your hair with your fingers. Start with less product.

Split your hair into two even sections and work the product in in a twirling motion.

Repeat on the other section of hair and leave in. Let your hair air dry.

If you want some extra waves, use a texturizing spray before leaving the house.

Spray on and scrunch it into your hair.