How to live a Lower or Zero Waste Life in a daily basic

by Yi Lin

How to live a zero waste or lower waste life? It starts from knowing how much plastic waste you consume.

Products with plastic cover is everywhere. However we can always choose the alternative to live a lower waste life.

How? There are many bulk market in London where you could bring the grocery home without any consuming plastic.

E8 1DU, 2 mins walk from Hackney central station. You would find everything you need in life without plastic.

bring any recycling goods here, pasta sauce jar, bag, cup... reuse them by filling the grocery you need.

you would find food, ingredients...

rices, pasta....

more pasta

and laundry liquids, shampoo, hand wash gel, shower gel, body butter

Cooking oil, organic oil, coconut oil...toilet roll made by recycled paper

Essences to make tooth paste, body lotion, lipstick, moisturizer etc

this is the tooth paste made by clay and oil

body butter, daily product made by bamboo

or you could try tooth brush this way, little bit more environmental friendly

using soap if you cannot find gel without plastic cover

Buying cosmetic product which you could fulfill anytime when itโ€™s finished

Instead of using products with plastic

now you have better way to have a lower or zero waste life!๐Ÿ˜