How to Live a Greener Life: 10 Eco-Hacks (Part 1)

by Jess

invest in re-usable nappies (or at least eco-versions)... don’t add to the 3.5m tonnes in landfill annually!

Use a clothesline.. for fresher clothes and less expensive energy bills!

Have a vegetarian day/ week (if not more!)

Use less paper... reuse scraps for note taking, (or use your phone!) fewer napkins, hand dryers etc!

Recycle paper for fun, original gift wrapping

Take showers instead of baths (share showers for even more fun!)

Use cruise control on your car (and improves your fuel consumption 15%!)

Use a travel mug (bonus for parents of young children... keeps drinks hotter for longer!)

Go paperless for household bills- paying online. Cancel paper bank statements

don’t use plastic straws or coffee stirrers