How to Fold Bunny 🐰 Shaped Napkin 🧺 for Easter! 🐣✨

by Andrea

Flip over to the non-patterned side of your napkin

Fold into thirds lengthways - if it’s a square napkin, fold it in half & then half again

Fold the 2 sides of the napkin down, along the middle

Fold the bottom side up, forming 2 small triangles - hold it in place

Turn the napkin around

Fold both top sides of the napkin in diagonally, holding it in place

Carefully flip the entire napkin around

Fold the bottom of the napkin up, to the line

Making sure the napkin does not fall apart, fold in half

Spread the ears & the face portions of the napkin out so that it looks more like a rabbit 🐰

This folded napkin is great for setting a table at any Easter themed party! 🐰🐣