How to Finger Knit 🧶

by dreascrafts

Leaving some length, clip the loose end of the ball of yarn between your thumb & your palm 🤚🏼

Going under your index finger, weave the yarn through your fingers, wrapping it around your pinky

Weave through your fingers again, alternating in & out, wrapping around the index finger at the end 👆🏼

Repeat this again, wrapping around the pinky. *TIP: the newer weaves should always be on top* 🔺

& repeat again do that you have 2 lines of yarn per finger. Use your thumb to hold on to the end of the yarn. 🧶

Pull the bottom line on your pinky up & over the top line, removing it from your pinky.

Repeat, on your ring, middle & index finger, remembering to only take the bottom line of yarn.

Take the loose end of the yarn to the back of your hand & tug on it to tighten the stitches.

Weave through your fingers again, making sure the new lines are ABOVE the old ones.

Pull the lower lines over each finger again & repeat this process (weave>pullover>tighten) until the desired length 📏

You might have to pull the yarn down to prevent the entire weave from coming undone

To finish, pull the line on your pinky onto your ring finger & take the bottom line on your ring finger over it.

Repeat going down each finger & hold onto the very last loop (when there isn’t anything left on your hand)

Cut the yarn from the ball, leaving some length 🧶 ✂️

Pass the loose end of the yarn through the loop you’re holding on to 🌀

That’s how you finger knit!! 😇