How to explore Highgate cemetery in London

by HighgateLondon

Highgate cemetery is one of the seven large cemeteries in London and resting place of popular figures like Karl Marx

The beautiful west side, set of many popular movies, can only be visited as the part of a tour (times on the website)

The paths on this side of the cemetery are designed so you can’t see where you came from and where you are going.

Tomb stones are often topped with a small pyramid or object so the devil cannot lie down on them.

This impressive Egyptian inspired section is featured in “Fantastic Beasts 2” ...

... and houses one of the largest “potted plants” (tree) in the UK

If you dare, you are allowed to enter and explore the catacombs to learn more about the history of this place.

If you are nice, you might get taken on a de-tour to experience the depth of the cemetery.

In Victorian times, people would advertise their professions on their tomb stones. This gentleman flew balloons.

After a roughly 70min tour through the west part, head over to the East part to see it‘s the resting place of...

... Douglas Adams, the author of “the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy”...

... and the most famous resident of Highgate cemetery, Karl Marx, author of the communist manifesto.