How to drill a hole in a tile without cracking it

by DoItYourShelf

Mark where to drill with permanent marker. Cover with masking tape to give the drill something to grip to when starting.

Use a sharp masonry drill bit in a drill where you can vary the speed.

Make sure your drill is on the lowest speed setting and set to normal mode not hammer drill.

Start drilling very slowly with light pressure until you can feel a small dent in surface of the tile.

Once the hole has started, dip the drill bit in water. Using a syringe or straw place a small drop of water on the hole.

Continue to drill at a slow speed, keeping the drill bit wet at all times.

You should see a small hole in the top layer of the tile, and the brown backing underneath.

Remember to keep adding drops of water to the hole and drill at a slow and steady speed.

Keep checking the hole - eventually there should be no top covering left and just the brown backing showing.

After 3-5 mins of drilling, you should complete the hole.

Remove the tape and clean up the hole.