How to ‘do’ Oslo in a day 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

by Cameron James

Get an early flight ✈️ (around 06:00 is good enough)

From most places in Europe you’ll land around 9-10ish

Trains are super easy to grab going to Oslo from the airport. There are English ticket Kiosks and people to help!

When you arrive, get a snap of the tiger outside Oslo central train station 🐯

First head to the opera house, it’s right outside the train station

It’s got a great view where you can point at a lot of stuff from

Next walk to the modern art gallery 🖼 Warning there are some suspect pieces on show 😂

Try not to fall over (a lot) when heading to the balls that are outside

Because it’s a bit out the way, grab a tram over to the Vigelandsparken. Best in the day when it’s sunny ☀️ 😎

Look at the really cool obelisks

Intense scenes

Not quite sure what to make of this one

Watch out, watch out, watch out!

I wasn’t the first, and I won’t be the last 😂😂😂

Get a tram back to the centre and head to the National Gallery.

Get a picture with the Munch ‘Scream’

Have a go in the drawing room if you want to showcase your talent

Write in the visitors book 📚

Head to sports bar for lunchtime refreshment 🍺Squint at the screen because you’re blind 🤓

This was fancy looking government office 🇳🇴

Walk up to Akershus Fortress for sunset views (the daylight doesn’t last long in the winter ❄️ )

And from there head down to the water’s edge for more sweet insta shots

Bonuses: Walk as everything is quite close! Don’t sit down for lunch, eat on the move! Peace Center was worth a visit 👌

Get the train home and get your flight back! Oslo in 24 hours? Tick.Done

Cameron James