How to do Bio Sculpture Colour Gel Overlay 💅

by Luika Beauty

First, file and round the free edge of the nails to the desired length

Then move on to buffing the nail bed until silky smooth

Before removing hangnails and cuticles disinfect your tools

Apply cuticle remover

Use a cuticle pusher to clear the nails ready for the base layer

Remove hangnails with clippers

Apply your first executive base layer to the nails

I focus on two nails at once, do a layer then cure them for 30 secs. Repeat until you’ve done two layers on each nail.

Now start applying the first layer of colour. Do a layer on all the nails and cure for 30 before applying a second coat

Next apply a gloss gel layer to the nails and cure for 30 seconds

Once you’ve finished curing remove residue

Apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and around the nail

Apply hand cream to finished nails 💅

Bio Sculpture Nails Done! 💅💅💅