How To Cross Into Tijuana (Mexico) From San Diego (USA) By Foot

by franz

How To Cross Into Tijuana (Mexico) From San Diego (USA) By Foot

Make Sure To Stock Up On Supplies! (And Don't Forget Your Passport)

Take The Blue Trolley Line To The Final Stop: San Ysidro

You'll Need a Compass Card Which You Can Buy At The Station

At The Station: This Is The Last Chance For A Bathroom Break!

This Is The Exit Into The US, NOT The Entrance to Mexico

Walk Past The McDonald's For The New Path To Mexico

Be Prepared For A Long Walk

Last Chance To Return Before You Enter!

Welcome To Tijuana! (Migration only takes a few minutes)

You Can Easily Walk Downtown (Or Take A Regulated "Libre Taxi")

Mexican Side Of The Border

Once You Come Across The "Easy Park", Walk Towards The Blue Building

Walk Along This Plaza, Always Towards The Big Arch In The Center Of Tijuana

You Even Have To Climb Upstairs...

... To Cross The Tijuana River (Again, Walk Towards The Big Arch)

Pass Through The Old City Entrance...

... And You've Reached Downtown Tijuana!

Stroll Around The Shops...

... Try Some Yummy Tacos...

... And Listen To Bands Playing in The Parks.

Once Your Done, There Are Far Clearer Signs Towards The USA Which You Can Simply Follow

This Is the Entrance To The US (Which Is Open 24/7)

Go Through Passport Control...

... And It's A Wrap! (No Mexican Pun Intended)