Homebrew: How to dry hop beer to add more flavour and aroma

by Homebrewing

Dry hopping is adding hops to beer after fermentation, to add extra flavour and aroma lost during the initial stages

Different types of hop flavours are available as pellets - add between 20-100g of pellets for a 5 gallon/23 litre batch

To make bottling easier, place the hops in a steel mesh container or muslin bag so any bits don't end up in the bottles

Sterilise the container with boiling water to ensure the beer doesn't get infected

Pour the hops into the sterilised container and ensure the lid is tightly on

Add the hops after primary fermentation has completed, when you have consistent gravity readings over a few days

Add the hops to the fermenting bucket 3-5 days before bottling and ensure the lid is resealed securely