What to do at Oue Skyspace LA

by franz

What To Do At Oue Skyspace LA

Get excited about going to the skyspace

Tip: Make sure to buy your (cheaper) tickets online and include the slide

Take the elevator to the 72nd floor (sometimes there is yoga up here.. its LA)

Enjoy the view...

And Get Ready For The Slide!

Follow the instructions of this friendly gentleman

Sit down and place backpack between your legs

Note: No High Heels On The Slide

Hold Handles With Both Hands (No Filming on the Slide)

No Steering / Leaning To The Side!

And off we go!

Then either stand in line for Instagram photo probs... or enjoy the view

Time To Visit The DJ And The Bar...

... or to take a phone break outside

Visit around sunset to see the LA skyline at both day and night

(Ironically) Take A Wing Picture When Nobody is Looking

After you've seen all four floors it's time to head back down

And excited through the gift shop (Don't forget to collect your pictures!)