Getting to Gatwick Airport (train from London Bridge)

by cedric

Arrive at London Bridge station

Follow the signs with double red arrows. In the UK, that sign is for trains

You may pass through this area if you come from this side of the station

Now locate ticketing areas

Use the ticket office if you want to ask questions to a staff

Otherwise self-serve ticketing machine works fine too!

Let’s get started

Touch to start

Gatwick is on the quick link on the first screen. You can also search for a destination

Start typing your search and Gatwick Airport appears

These are the confusions that might prompt you to head to a ticket office and ask

Let’s go for Any Permitted. Surprise! No options for single ticket. I don’t want no season ticket to Gatwick!

Let’s forget about this and use the quick link back in the first screen

Looking more promising

Proceed to pay

Look at the payment card processing screen on the side

Enter PIN, and when it’s approved, remove card

Tada! Ticket!

Check if you got it right

Now there are 2 types of train info boards. This one lists trains by departure time.

Find the first one that says Gatwick Airport. There seems to be a 08:30 one on platform 4 with slight delay

You may also see this A-Z departures boards.

Scan through destination list alphabetically - locate “G”

Now this one is saying the next train to Gatwick is the 08:35 delayed to 08:39 on platform 4. OK, platform 4 anyways.

Now get through hear gates

Find platform 4. Head up to the platform

Since this is London , of course trains can be delayed or cancelled. Always budget in extra time!!!

Recommendation of a staff: I’m not sure, but if I were in your shoes I would try head to East Croydon and change

which of course also took more than an hour to get to. Look at these - no I didn’t budget enough extra time for this

Finally there. Trains arrive at South Terminal. You may still need to get to the North Terminal.

You’ll need to take the shuttle

Board the shuttle

Still trying to enjoy

Nope. Arrived 10:10 for 11:00 flight. Counters empty.

That’s what happens when they have “overrunning engineering work” PLUS signalling problem.... #londonlife