Eco-Friendly Food Hacks ♻️🍿

by Eco Friendly Life AZ

Avoid mixed-material bags of chips and popcorn and make your own seasoned popcorn with bulk kernels. Savory and sweet!🍿

Avoid food waste by freezing berries. You can thaw them out and eat them, make smoothies or frozen desserts & much more

When buying grocery items, try to avoid plastic bags. I made an impromptu bread purchase and didn't have my reusable produce bag with me. I asked the bakery for parchment paper! This is will be reused too! Plastic sucks!

Use filter-free, plastic-free ways of making coffee (or tea). Plastic coffee pods are horrible, and tea bags are partly made of plastic. Use a reusable French press to make your coffee or tea. Compost the grounds and leaves afterwards!

When eating out, avoid plastic/styrofoam containers and just bring your own! No waste, reusable, and more room in the fridge! #styrofoamsucks