EASTER DIY 🐣 Easy Bunny Crown 👑 🐰

by dreascrafts

On a sturdy paper plate, draw out 2 loops shaped like bunny ears. 🐰

Using a pair of scissors, cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate. ✂️

Begin cutting around the lines that mark out the bunny ears. ✂️

Trim wherever necessary & neaten up the edges.

Using a piece of white paper, trace out the bunny ears. Alternatively, you could paint the ears white.

Cut along the lines, forming the white portion of the bunny ears. 🐰

Apply some glue on the back of the ear, paste it onto the paper plate & trim any excess.

Repeat with the other ear.

On a pink piece of paper, trace out the ears again & draw a smaller loop within it.

Cut only the inner loop. Alternatively, this can be painted on / coloured in.

Apply some glue and paste the pink portions down.

Your bunny crown is now ready to be worn! 🐰