Clever ways to avoid food wastage!

by Fionna Braganza

Food wastage is a crime! Make the most of every morsel - here’s how 👉

Juice it - limes, beetroots, garlic - better than letting them curl them and dry in the fridge!

Freeze fruit that’s going bad - great for smoothies and ice cream!

Preserve it - like putting a little bundle of rice in with the coffee to stop it going hard

Extract everything! Skins and scraps can be used to make apple cider vinegar, veggie stock & lots more

Dry it! Dry skins in the sun and grind to a powder - lemons, pomegranate, orange - and use for health & beauty

Drain the dregs! Coffee grounds make a delicious body scrub - see what else can be squeezed till the last drop

Fionna Braganza