Changing the grip on a badminton racquet

by cedric

Grips wear off after a while, and at some point it affects your shots and you’ll need to change it

To change the grip, first remove the existing (if you want to try a thicker grip then keep it and wrap new one over)

New grip packages normally comes with grip cut at an angle on one side , and an adhesive to secure the wrap

first peel off the protective film

Take the side cut at an angle

start wrapping from the bottom of the racquet so it will naturally move up as you wrap past this point

wrap all the way up, generally covering about half the width of the grip beneath

At the top, you will need to cut at an angle so it will end up flat at the top

then continue wrapping the final bits

now get the adhesive strip ready

Fix and secure the new grip


you may want to wrap the grip slightly above the original stock grip

this is useful for net and push shots