Beginner Yoga exercises for Spine Health 🧘‍♀️

by Yoga Self-Practice

Supine Knee Twists: Lie on your back, reach your arms open like a T, leaving your toes on the floor

Slowly let your knees come over to the left – your knees may or may not touch the floor

Get a nice stretch into the right side of the body, rotating the upper part of the spine

To come out: Squeeze the belly button in, lift the knees back up through centre. Do the other side

Warrior 1: From Mountain position, step the left foot back, reach arms up over-head, micro-bend into back knee

Shoulders down, eyes forward – gazing past the tip of the nose

Make sure the right knee is pointing over the second third toe of the right foot

Activate the legs by pushing the feet down into the floor

Transition back to mountain & do the other side

Yoga Self-Practice