Beginner Yoga exercises for improved Core Strength πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

by Yoga Self-Practice

Boat Pose: Start on your sit bones. Feet in flexion, hands just behind the hamstrings

Spine long – lift the sternum up to the ceiling

Lean back & start to pick the feet up off the floor, accessing abdominal muscle group

Let the heels come back down to the floor. Repeat – lean back onto sit bones, feet up off the floor

Don’t let the shoulders round forward. Keep the spine long

Lean back > Hold for a breath > Take a little break, letting the heels come down > Repeat

To come out, place your feet down on the floor, release the toes

Crow Pose: Start in mountain position, bend into the knees & bring your fingertips into the floor

If it feels comfortable, place the hands down onto the floor shoulder width apart

Start to come up onto the balls of the feet – bring your knees to the outside of the arms

Start to rock forward & back

Chair Pose: Lie on your back. Bend the knees, arms up at 45 degrees, palms to the ceiling

Use your core & start to lift your ankles up to knee height

Try to get rid of the curve under your lower back. Actively squeeze the belly button in to your lower back

Decompress the spine, thinking of the length of the spine on the length of the floor beneath you

Use the whole mid-body to support this movement

To come out: Slowly release the legs back down – keeping the core engaged at all times

Yoga Self-Practice