Advanced Yoga exercises for improved spine health 🧘‍♀️

by Yoga Self-Practice

Supine Twist: Lying on your back, reach your arms out like a T, palms facing up. Float the knees off the floor

90 degree bend into the knees. Let your knees slowly come to one side, maintaining core activation

Maintain the core activity, control the movement (knees may/may not touch the floor)

Once you get to your full range of motion, make sure your naval is pulled in, protecting your lower back

Work through the natural rotation of the spine. Breathe

To come out, maintain core activation. Push into left hand, lift the knees back to centre & change

Warrior 1: Start from mountain position, step back with the left foot, long distance between feet

Reach arms up over head, hands in flexion, shoulders down and back. 90 degree bend into front leg

Eyes forward, neck long. Push into the feet & breathe in and out through the nose.

Breathe. Step back to mountain, do the other side.

Yoga Self-Practice